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Sunday, September 10, 2006

This one's for Jimla

Dino's Ireland Test

Well again its been a few weeks since our last entry, but we have been busy. We have just returned from Dino's first visit to foreign parts, Ireland. We had a great week over there, starting off with our friends Olive an Oli's wedding in Wexford. We spent 4 days there, sampling various local delicacies made from burnt malt. After this we moved onto Canamarra via Wicklow. Then it was back home.

The only real problem that we came across was the roof tent leaked after being severely tested by the Irish climate. We have a couple of ideas to overcome this, and have decide to head down to Cornwall to try these out, and other ideas we have had.


When we bought Dino we also inherited a large number of spare parts, most of which we could not really identify. But with the help of Poppa Bridges we are starting the process of figuring out what we've got. We are documenting them all on the website, with pictures and a brief description. Only 6 out of nearly 40 done so far, but they should all be there by the end of the week. Then we can go back to our route planning. We have a couple of photos to add to the collection and they should make it onto the site this week also.

Bald Mans Napper

Our friend Jimla challenged us, on the message board, to get a photo of us kissing a bald mans napper in each county that we visited, and as you can see from the photo above we have started with a very shiny example! Hopefully the Guinness that is being drunk proves that we are in Ireland :) This is just the start!

Run Ollie Run

Well next week is the New Forest Half Marathon, and although my training regime took a battering in Ireland, I manged to run my final preperation run of 10 miles today. If I complete the half marathon I am going to enter the London marathon and use this as my first fundraising activity. VSO should be able to provide me a place, but I am entering the ballot as well. I know from my training that it's going to be tough, but it is something I have always wanted to do, and I feel that (especially for people who know me and my past) it is a deed well worth sponsoring.


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