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What's New!

!!!! Watch this space for updates of all new developments to the website !!!!


20th October, 2009

Added, via the blog, a downloadable spreadsheet of our expenses. this is proving very popular :) Have also started updating the route pages with some hints and tips. And of course lots more diary entries, photos and videos being added.

30th July, 2009

Have finally got round to adding some new reviews for kit and campsites, plus, of course, lots of diary and photo updates

1st May, 2009

Been a bit slack updating this, but promise to be good again. Two main things I want to add are we are starting to put lots of photos up in the gallery again, and probably a bit more exciting, have added a link to our wicked tracking device, the spot messenger, so you can see where we are in near real time. Oh, and of course, we have finally started travelling, so lots of diary updates too.

14th August, 2008

Now look to the right, and you will see a new section added to the menu, a Jogle blog. we are hoping to update this as we travel down from John O'Groats to Land's End.

5th July, 2008

As you can see on the left hand side we have added an RSS feed. How much this will be used is anybodies guess, but nice to pretend we are down with the kids.

23rd March , 2008

The menu system to the right has been changed to include some submenu's activated via some java script. We have also updated the diary ,to be created locally rather than via eBlogger. Finally our gallery has also been updated to something a little more configurable.

27th January , 2008

We have added more photos, more kit reviews and some more parts to the clickable vehicle guide.

26th January , 2008

We have migrated our blog across to our own format and design. This should mean that it is easier to maintain and upload on the road.

15th December , 2007

Have a look at the top right corner of this page or any other and you will see our NEW LOGO! Woohoo! We have included it on each page, and it will also take center stage on any future publicity.

18th November , 2007

Having updated the vehicle section, the next task was to update the ROUTE section. This we have done by adding interactive Google maps. We will slowly build these up with the highlights that we want to visit.

9th October , 2007

Click HERE to see our funky new guide to Dino. It's clickable, its got lots of photos and we love it. Well Ollie does. Also the gallery has had more photos added.

16th September , 2007

Just a couple more kit reviews. Slowly building this up

2nd September , 2007

More reviews have been added to the kit page and photos have been added for each review. We also have updated some of the links for the products reviewed. We intend to add new reviews each week.

On top of this the start of Jenny's eagerly awaited Campsite Reviews has begun.

17th July , 2007

Having completed our second shakedown trip we have started to review various places and bits of equipment that we are using. We will update this as we go along. Jenny is particularly keen to review all the campsites we have stayed at. Our aim is to help anyone who is also planning such a trip, as those before us have helped us.

10th June , 2007

Now that we have our first official sponsor we have added a sponsors page. Hopefully this will expand over time. We have added this to our menu system in only a couple of places as I hope to over haul this sometime soon.

23rd December, 2006

We have added an extra page under the Gallery folder, where we can store our videos. So far just the Grim 8, which is also on the blog, but eventually we hope to have many more. Once we do it will need a little re-design, but until then it is following the standard format.

23rd October, 2006

We have created a JustGiving page, which allows VSO to accept donations from our friends and family. We have also blogged this, so if you want to read more about JustGiving and our fundraising you can.

12th October, 2006

Two main changes. The ROUTE now has clickable maps, going all the way through to China. This means we are now set in our route. This will change due to whims, but also because of current political issues.

Secondly we have updated the LINKS page to bring it into line with the other pages.

24th September, 2006

We have updated the design of the document with VSO logo down the LHS of each page. Also our new route through Europe is mapped, via Baltic states to Russia.

9th September, 2006

Have started documenting our spare parts. We have 3 large boxes of spare parts which we are slowly becoming familiar with. These can be accessed via the VEHICLE page

6th August, 2006

Added some of the first country pages, So far we have got as far as Estonia :) This can all be accessed via the ROUTE menu.

July 9, 2006

Updated the vehicle page with pictures of Dino. Also adSded subscription service to any updates.

June 6, 2006

Hit counter added (again). Now that we are famous and linked to it's time to tidy up the act.

June 5, 2006

Nothing added in content, but the 3rd style makeover given to the site.






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