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Tuesday 31st March 2009 - Is Tomorrow the Day?

Start of the Journey

Well, here I am, Ollie, sat in a house full of boxes, with a cleaned fridge and freezer, amongst other appliances, almost ready to go. I finished work in Dublin on Friday, having spent the last week saying a lot of emotional farewells, to a lot of great new friends. I was very lucky when I took the contract in Dublin, as I was surrounded by a lot of very friendly and fun people, without whom this last year would have been a drag. The hardest thing about Dublin was avoiding the social life, and I think that says a lot!

Today is Jenny's last day in the office, and she will be having her third and final leaving drinks at lunchtime, and then returning to help me finish the house and prepare to move on down to Cornwall for the final push. When we originally decided upon this trip, we felt that April Fool's Day was the perfect day to leave, but because we wanted to have a big party with all our friends present, we moved the ferry date to Easter Monday. But we are still leaving the house, in Dino, with all our belongings in the back, on 1st April. So tomorrow is the start of the journey!

Only thing that may get in the way is Dino is currently back with our old friend, the vehicle electrician, as his headlights have failed again! Ever since we decided to fit the spot lights, they have been temperamental to say the least. It is not total disaster as the spot lights do work, but are most probably illegal to use as main beam. Anyway, here's hoping our man Russ, the tractor electrician can pull it out of the bag!

With regards to visas, we are currently waiting for the Iranian visa, which we can pick up on 8th April, the others we pick up on the road. We did have a terrible day last Monday, when our passports disappeared into the ether, but luckily this was only cause by both the uzbek embassy and Royal Mail not following procedure!

So, tomorrow we leave for Cornwall, with all our possessions, and two cats, for our final preparations. The party is on Easter Saturday and we leave, from Land's End about midday on the Monday. If anyone would like to join us for the party, email us and we will let you know the details.

Finally, in case I don't get to write another blog before we go (I will try to do two or three from Cornwall), a big thank you to all who have helped us on our way, and to all the good wishes we have got from old friends and new, from readers of this website, and many other people. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Peace Out

Freddie, Wilma and Dino






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