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The Plan

Follow Jenny and Ollie as they travel from Land's End to Sydney. They left on the 13th April 2009. Keep up with the ebb and flow of their trip and keep in touch via this website. They will be helped on their way by DINO, their 200tdi 110 Land Rover Defender.

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Sunday 23rd May 2010 - Meghan Jude Bridges

We are over the moon with the arrival of our latest and dearest folly - Meghan Jude Bridges, who was born at 02:50, Monday 3rd May. She weighed in at a healthy pi kilograms, and Mum and baby are doing brilliantly! Don't worry about Dad, he's busy earning money and learning about new priorities :)


The Big Day

As every woman in her first pregnancy will tell you, no matter how many books you read, midwives you speak to, or gods you pray to, you will never be prepared for the day that you give birth. Actually ask any first time father and he will tell you the same. It is one crazy day, with so many emotions and thoughts flowing it is amazing that in the end it seems to finish as god deemed it. We had attended plenty of Australia's great anti-natal classes, and knew all about the 3 stages of labour, waters breaking and that we should only arrive at hospital when the contractions were five minutes apart. What neither of us really new, was what a contraction really feels like. In fact one of us still doesn't, but that is balanced out by being full aware of what sharp nails in the arm feels like.

Luckily Jenny's parents flew in the morning before Meghan's birth, and after a little bit of confusion managed to arrive at our house, ready to give 4 labour's worth of advice. After some debate a vote was taken, and it was agreed that Jenny was indeed in labour. Wow! Ollie, who had spent hundreds of hours preparing for this trip, could find no details on pregnancy in Tom Sheppard's Vehicle Dependant Expedition Manual, decided it was time to hand over to the experts, and jumped into Dino, with Jenny safely strapped into the passenger seat, and towels and a good book to pass the time in the back. How wrong can a man be! Dino, as usual, started first time, and with an excited growl headed straight for the hospital.

Birthing Centre - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Through a mixture of luck and judgment we were booked into the Birthing Centre of the RPA hospital in Sydney. This is a fabulous place to have a child if you are feeling brave (woman and man) and a little hippyish.We had most of our anti-natal care through the midwives here, and so learned about the birthing song, and how mother nature would look after Jenny during the birth process, thanks to her millions of years of experience. It is actually all pretty true, and refreshing compared to some of the books and articles that we managed to read. But there is a downside of attending here, and that is it practices natural birthing, and all the good drugs are banned! Jenny discovered that when she did eventually ask for some painkillers that a hot towel is considered the main aid here! But after considerable begging (mainly by Ollie due to severe bleeding of the arm) Jenny was eventually allowed access to gas and air.

Without going into too much detail (Ollie has already had privileges revoked for posting labour pictures on Facebook) the labour lasted seven hours, and eventually ended up in the bath, with Meghan Jude being born with one final mighty push, under water at ten to three in the morning. All involved were exhausted but thrilled. Ollie was hallucinating (he hopes!) but still cut the umbilical cord like a pro. The final thrill for Ollie was finding out that Meghan weighed exactly pi kilograms - today was surely and auspicious day!

Meghan Comes Home

After what seems like a very hazy two days in hospital Jenny was entered into the early release scheme and allowed to go home. We were both thrilled to have passed our first test, knowing that we would only be given parole if Meghan was 100% fit and healthy. Jenny was still a little sore, but happy to make it home.

Meghan has now been with us for 3 weeks, and Ollie is back to work, whilst Jenny is spends most of her time chewing the cud. But we are both over the moon with out new role in this world and can't wait to make a little brother or sister for Meghan.


But maybe one day ...........


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